Placing rehabilitation on a modern footing

With a combination of body-worn sensors and an App capable of generating individualized, understandable real-time feedback 
for both patients  and therapists.


Placing rehabilitation on a modern footing

Every year more than 3 million people are undergoing a knee or hip replacement surgery. The clinical rehabilitation time is between 4 to 6 weeks. Rehabilitation doesn’t end at the clinic’s door, now it really begins. Patients need in total up to 6 months to get back to their normal social life. We develop software and smart sensors to aid every Patient during that long period, so that they can get back into their social life earlier.

RehaBuddy generates value for different stakeholder

Our Awesome Team

Harald Jagoš

Co-founder & CEO

Initiator of the idea and future head of the company. Most of his career he tried to help every single patient.

Andrés Tkachenko


The face, who leads the software development. Apps don’t have to be sturdy and hard to use!

Paul Kressnik


The spoilsport, who keeps a close eye on quality and regulatories.

Dietmar Rafolt


Provider of lifelong scientific research experience, to challenge every development step to be the best!

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Redbull Futur/IO

Support us at Redbull Futur/IO, so we can present our vision in front of an even bigger audience. Vote for us following this link.

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Merry Christmas

We wish every one of our supporters, mentors, members of the RehaBuddy-family and everyone who helped us to getting were we are today a Merry Christmas. We achieved a lot[…]

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INiTS Startup Camp #10

The INiTS Startup Camp lasts 100 days, but the journey you begin starts earlier and continues ever after. Our first pitch Our journey started with a first application form filled[…]

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